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Big Dreams

BEIT JANN, ISRAEL — On the highest mountain in Israel in a small town called Beit Jann, a 16-year-old girl listens to Justin Bieber and dreams of being a musician. Curly-haired and soft-spoken, Kareen Hamoud talks about playing the guitar and the piano and her desire to study something related to music in university. As […]

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I want to go to the army, also

YEHUD, ISRAEL– Like the day of a child’s bar mitzvah or graduation from school, the day an Israeli child leaves for the Army is one of those milestones forever captured in photographs. But the photograph that Hagit Rabinovich treasures of her eldest son, Ilay, is one she never thought she would have. “Through the years, […]

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Eli Serves

In Israel, parents take a photo on the day that a son or daughter goes off to the military. But Hagit Rabinovich gave up on that dream long ago. “Through the years, I set this picture free,” Rabinovich said. “And I told myself, ok, this is not my story.” Rabinovich’s oldest son, Eli, was diagnosed […]

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Best Food in Israel

The table was laden with food, a visual testament to the word of the Penn State Hillel students that the Druze have the best food in Israel. The Druze are known for their simple but delicious meals throughout Israel, and some sell the food in markets like the one being held in Tel Aviv University […]

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Stark Beauty

Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre’s simple interior marks one of Christianity’s holiest sites A woman with a white veil over her head stood with her face pressed against the entryway of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Just inside the doorway, worshippers knelt facedown on the Stone of Anointing, which, according to tradition, is where […]

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