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Estonia's Media War Against Russia 

By Lilly Riddle   What Vladimir Kharchenko misses most about his hometown is a bar. Specifically, a bar near his house where he gathered with friends to drink after Putin’s invasion of Ukraine — mourning what it meant for Russia. “They’re fans of Liverpool, they’re fans of Britain,” Kharchenko told me when we met over […]

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Voting for Tradition, Hoping for Change

By Lilly Riddle TALLINN, Estonia — This year marked Mariko Jõeorg’s first as a poll worker, taking down Estonian voters’ names as they filed beneath a white overhang that read “Tule Valima!” (Translation: “Come and choose!”) The banner was visible from every floor of the modernist-style Solaris Center’s elliptical balconies, which bustled with shoppers and […]

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