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Podcasts: Lions on Lockdown
By Jim Krueger Posted in Covid-19 0 Comments
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Hosted by Jim Krueger, this series will look into how the COVID-19 Pandemic has complicated the lives of Penn State students. It will go into the unique and connected challenges Penn Staters are going through, as well as what they have done to cope with this difficult and confusing time.

Episode One

Over the past month, the world got turned upside down. Every aspect of life at Penn State is different. Students are working from home, athletes had their seasons cancelled, and seniors lost their commencement. In this, I’m going to tell as many stories as I can. The Lions on Lockdown Podcast will tell the narrative of the coronavirus pandemic at Penn State, but will most importantly tell the stories of some of the students whose lives were impacted the most.

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Episode Two

The outbreak of the coronavirus caused an unprecedented stoppage of sports from the major leagues to youth teams, Penn State athletics were no exception. On episode two of “Lions on Lockdown” host Jim Krueger takes a look at the basketball team, whose season got shut down at the climax of an historic season, as well as the baseball team whose 2020 season was going to mean more than just results on the diamond.

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Episode Three

15 Penn State journalism students were supposed to go on a trip of a lifetime, until the coronavirus pandemic ended that opportunity. On episode three of “Lions On Lockdown” we are meeting four of those students, learning what drove them to the class, the stories they were going to tell, and how they dealt with their trip to Vietnam getting cancelled hours before their scheduled departure.

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