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International Reporting
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International Reporting amid Covid-19

For five months, students in Penn State’s International Reporting class had prepared for a class trip to Vietnam over their March spring break. Then, just days before their departure, the Covid-19 pandemic scuttled plans to report from Ho Chi Minh City.

High angle view of canal and cityscape
Traffic is sparse and skies are clear as social distancing is in effect in District One of Ho Chi Minh City. Photo by Katie O’Toole

Instead, they began reporting from their homes where most of them were sheltering in place by order of state and local governments. Combining their journalistic skills with whatever technology they could access, the students turned both inward—to capture the crisis as it played out in their own hometowns—and outward—contacting sources around the world to explore the impact of a modern-day plague.

They are reporting their stories. Please return to this space to see their work.

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